Below is a list of our areas of expertise:

•  Labour law
Individual labour law: labour agreements, termination agreements and dismissals/ resignations, drafting and terminating management contracts, employee inventions etc. Collective labor law: collective agreements, unions, employee representatives, company and work regulations. Labour law litigation.

•  Construction Law
Construction contracts, general contractor agreements, planning/ designing contracts (for architects), construction supervision legislation, , FIDIC contracts,  building permit and town planning legislation, construction law litigation and arbitration.

•  Corporate Law
Setting up companies, obtaining public law authorizations/ permits, general company law, participations, joint venture, restructurings, shutdown and liquidation of companies.

•  Commercial Law

•  Real Estate Law
Sale and purchase of real estates and/ or constructions, agriculture & forestry, project development, real estate leasing, real estate funds, facility management, concessions, industrial tenancy/ lease agreements, public-private-partnerships, dispute settlement

•  Insolvency Law
We ensure legal assistance and representation both for the debtors and for the creditors in the insolvency procedure

•  Dispute resolution
Litigation - representation in front of the Romanian courts of law in all fields of law, Arbitration preparing and conducting arbitration proceedings.

•  Subsidies/ Financial Aid
European funding- representation in case of funding reclaims

•  Environmental Law / Waste Law
Legal Due Diligence, permitting law, representation in front of and litigation against authorities

•  Insurance Law
Insurance of persons / goods / transport, support in case of amicable settlement, indemnification of intangible damages, support in case of claims / demands.

•  Distribution Law
Dealer, sales agent, franchise agreements and other contracts, related concentration issues

•  Administrative Law
Application for and contestations against administrative deeds, client representation in front of authorities, annulment and performance actions

•  Competition Law
Legal audit of advertising and marketing strategies, measures against anti-competitive counterfeits, competition law litigation, strategies for litigation prevention

•  Criminal Law